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Brane Audio

Brane X Smart Speaker

Brane X Smart Speaker

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Brane Audio is a sound technology company that is unlocking a radically new experience of sound. The company's flagship product, Brane X, is the first mobile speaker in its size class with an internal subwoofer.

Brane's breakthrough Repel-Attract-Driver (R.A.D.) delivers a 10x increase in sub-bass without any sacrifice in size or power consumption. R.A.D. represents the most significant innovation in audio driver technology in a century and breaks Hofmann's Iron Law by using a proprietary array of permanent magnets to cancel internal air pressure forces. This novel force cancellation design allows Brane speakers to be compact, efficient, and capable of producing deeper bass than any comparable speaker on the market.

Shipping November 2023!

**Shipping only available in the Continental United States at this time. International shipments will be available in 2024.

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